Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Samhain

...or Halloween. whichever suits you. :) in the spirit of the season i present you with this:

in other news, remember to vote this tuesday. if you're registered, do it. i don't care who you're supporting as long as you're making your opinion heard. it's a luxury we're afforded in this country that many around the world simply don't have. so go out and do your civic duty and let's have our voices heard. the nation is in some trying times and we're all eager for new leadership. let's make a difference. it's been a strange and, at times, alarming election season and i think i'm going to miss the craziness a bit once it's over.

also, when walking home from work, a van turned the corner ahead of me. i heard LOUD bass-thumping disco, yes, disco music blaring out the windows. as the van passed me, i saw it was a police wagon... a police wagon. i laughed the rest of the way home.

finally, the world's largest pinata is being constructed a few blocks from my apartment. it looks not unlike the trojan horse dressed in drag.

i think art bell was right when he said 'the quickening' is upon us. strange things really do seem to be occurring more and more frequently.. hahaha

be safe out there tonight!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

61 degrees and falling.

it's a chilly one today. i always loved this time of year... i always feel most inspired around the fall. maybe it's the colors changing or the 'electric' feeling that just seems to hang in the air. it seems like everything in nature just tries to cling to vibrancy a little more just before the snow. it's like last call at the bar... everyone wants to keep the party going but the guests know there's only a little time left so they party a little harder to make up for it.

the other day i saw Choke. i'd been waiting a year to see it since it was announced, and if you're reading this you probably know how much i love chuck palahniuk's work. the movie did not disappoint. it certainly did the book justice. with a running time around 1:45, they managed to include almost the entire storyline without editing much. and all the dirty awful objectionable parts made it in. so go check it out and have yourself some guilty laughs.

that same day i took a trip to borders to buy some books and do some research. i ended up buying a couple resource texts about the buiness and contact info, etc.. book stores are a GREAT resource for freelancers. your market is publishing, right? so why not go right to the source and read a few mastheads? all the info you want is right under your nose, quite literally. bring a notebook and a digital camera and get your research on!

a little thing i'm trying with my new batch of mailers is including reply cards. i've heard mixed opinions of them (people rarely use them, they might just end up in the trash, people would rather email, blah blah...) but i thought i'd give them a shot. i made reply mail cards complete with stamps and a comment section and a simple checkbox system in case the recipient is pressed for time. check the appropriate response, toss it in the outgoing mail. 'nuff said. i'll let you know how many i get back.

finally, i've been working on some new pieces when i haven't been doing mailer and promo stuff. i'm trying to get in gear to participate regularly in illustration friday ( check it out. it's a fantastic idea and i've been wanting to get involved for a while. i'm also working on my company's christmas card and some personal work too just to keep myself sharp. here's the newest illy i put together. personal piece, mixed media, digital, etc...