Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Samhain

...or Halloween. whichever suits you. :) in the spirit of the season i present you with this:

in other news, remember to vote this tuesday. if you're registered, do it. i don't care who you're supporting as long as you're making your opinion heard. it's a luxury we're afforded in this country that many around the world simply don't have. so go out and do your civic duty and let's have our voices heard. the nation is in some trying times and we're all eager for new leadership. let's make a difference. it's been a strange and, at times, alarming election season and i think i'm going to miss the craziness a bit once it's over.

also, when walking home from work, a van turned the corner ahead of me. i heard LOUD bass-thumping disco, yes, disco music blaring out the windows. as the van passed me, i saw it was a police wagon... a police wagon. i laughed the rest of the way home.

finally, the world's largest pinata is being constructed a few blocks from my apartment. it looks not unlike the trojan horse dressed in drag.

i think art bell was right when he said 'the quickening' is upon us. strange things really do seem to be occurring more and more frequently.. hahaha

be safe out there tonight!


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Hi! I'm Grace said...

this is kinda funny and scary... :)