Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello, you!

it's been a brief while since i updated, so here we go.

ANYONE WHO BOUGHT PIECES AT THE SHOW... it was taken down this afternoon so you can contact me to pick it up. if you've already arranged to pick it up at the bar, it's there for you. just ask whoever is tending and they'll take care of you. otherwise, drop me a line and we can arrange something.

in other news, considering how great this first show went, i'd like to make this a seasonal thing. maybe try and get another show in before summer... that'd certainly be nice. so time to do research in that department.

i've also been thinking of getting a table at a craft show. it's not terribly expensive and i'm sure i could sell quite a bit. at least enough to recoup expenses. so i'm going to make calls over the next week or two and see if anything is coming up in the warmer months ahead!

finally, i have two major projects i'd like to get underway. i'm going to make booklets this time around instead of mailers. i think they're more interesting and less likely to end up in the trash. i'm also going to take a more aggressive approach to getting some freelance work. i'm going to be personally contacting art directors in the local market and trying to arrange a portfolio review. scary stuff... but it must be done. the second project is more design-ey and could go well with my craft show... i'd like to start producing my own line of t-shirts and such. i got a friend in the 'biz who gave me a good price on printing up my designs so if i can nail down a show, i'll be (hopefully) selling some badass merch, too. how's that for sweet? more news on that to follow.

be excellent.


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