Thursday, June 4, 2009

Neat things...

random shot from this past weekend. i like mild summer evenings where it's daylight 'till almost 9pm and you can watch the moon rise while it's still sunny. there's just something cool about that.


there's no real point to this post except to highlight some things i've been eyeballing lately:
must own one of these... that'd be so much fun to shoot with! how did i NOT KNOW that this existed??

next on my reading list.if anyone already read it and wants to pass it along, let me know!

Opteka 42" 5-in-1 reflector disc
i want to shoot more stuff using reflectors and natural lighting and this would be such a great addition to my kit... and they're only about 30 bucks on amazon. might have to get one.

I've had a weird obsession with terrariums these past few weeks. i'm gonna make a trip to the thrift store this weekend and see if i can find a cool jar and make one. not only would it look awesome just as decoration, but i've got this idea in my head about making tiny landscapes and photographing them... so i'm gonna make one to start and see how that goes. :)

there's an antique store down the road from me and they have a giant bin full of old antique keys. all shapes and sizes and levels of deteriorating. they're awesome. i might go grab a few of these to shoot, also.

and while i'm thinking of it...
i want to scour craigslist for old frames people are tossing out. i'm such a sucker for old weathered stuff like this. it just has so much character to it. my mind has this way of making up a story for anything old like this and how it came to be in someone's house or on a shelf in the thrift store or in a basement...

on another note, this is Sara's new furry companion, Oona:
she's a little monster. but adorable nonetheless.

that's all for now. this was a just-for-smiles post. :)


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neurotoxicdoll said...

I've just signed up for Chuck's writers' workshop. I know I'm dreaming too much, but it would be pretty kick-ass if I made it into his anthology.