Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On the subject of productivity...

The new piece above is titled "Vrksasana" after the yoga pose. I was working on some really dark Lovecraft-inspired stuff this week and I just needed to take a break and do something sunny and uplifting. So this is what came out. The lovely miss Sara and I took a hot yoga class once. It was really something. We've been meaning to do it again since but she's a busy gal and I spend about 5 hours a day in front of a computer editing my photos... so yeah. That being said, though, it was a real workout and really fun.

In other news, I'm branching out and listing myself (and my work) on lots of portfolio sites. If you check out the links section of my page, you'll notice I've updated it a bit. There are a couple new links to my Illustrationmundo and Behance pages. Go check 'em out. They're groovy.

I've also got a few new projects in the tubes. I'll be shooting one tomorrow. Arranged to have a model available and I'm trying some new stuff out. Should be pretty cool. I'd like to have it complete by the end of the week so be looking forward to that.

And as always, I'm about 125 days into my photo-a-day project and going strong. It's quite an experience and I'm having alot of fun doing it. So please check it out and spread the word.

That's all for now. More on the way, so stay tuned!


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neurotoxicdoll said...

You guys should keep doing Yoga, seriously. I've been doing it ever since I took a class on vacation in July, and it's been very good for my sanity. The Gaiam DVDs are pretty good; I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems getting them there.