Monday, September 8, 2008


so my replacement envelopes arrived in my area on saturday. i missed the delivery and they were supposed to be delivered today between 10 am and 2:30 pm. so i waited around all day. no buzz at the door. so around 3, i went downstairs to find a note on my mailbox saying i missed their delivery, despite my being home all afternoon. i can't figure it out either.

at roughly 6:30 i spoke to my buddy dan, with whom i had plans to hang out with. when he arrived at 7, i talked him into coming down to the UPS station in south philly so i could get my package which was guaranteed to be there for pickup. by 8pm, i was told (for the second time) that my delivery was "being taken off the truck and will be ready in a few minutes." mind you, this is an hour after i heard this the first time.

i gave up and left.

so here's my useful fact of the day....

UPS will hold a reserved package for 24 hours. this means, you can call to have your package held at the station and you can pick it up anytime within a day of its arrival. i was under the impression (and their automated service leads you to believe) that it will only be held an hour or so. this is not the case.

if you're shipping materials for your business, be aware that you don't need to spend an hour waiting to get what you paid for. you can call, have it held, and pick it up on your lunch break the following day. which is what i plan on doing.

moral of the story: don't waste time when you don't need to. make calls. that's the way the world works these days. you'll get shoved around and the guy who ordered a rug will get his delivery before you get your tiny package of envelopes. call ahead and make an appointment to pick up your delivery in-person. i don't know if this happens to everyone, but even with something as mundane as a shipment of envelopes, UPS won't deliver it without you in person to sign for it. go figure.

and in the end, dan and i had a drink and played pool and had some good food, so everything worked out.


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