Wednesday, September 3, 2008

doing your homework...

so my custom envelopes finally arrived. excited, i tore the box open and opened the pack, and slid my mailer inside AANNNDDD.... the envelopes are too small. by one sixteenth of an inch. you gotta be kidding. so now i need to order another set of envelopes. not a big deal, but what a headache. and now i've got a whole stack of unusable envelopes sitting in front of me. awesome. know that old saying, "measure twice, cut once?" it applies here.

on a similar note, i also went out and got several packs of this great paper from a company called Moab ( it's really high quality and i've seen outstanding prints on their paper. i got a bunch on a whim. as it turns out, my printer doesn't have a profile for the paper. so i spent 6 hours yesterday trying to create a custom color profile so my prints would look the way i want them to. and i'm still not done. but it's going to be worth it... it's just going to take time. the prints in the end, however, will look amazing.

the moral of this story is to do your homework. call companies to get any information you can think of before you go and make purchases like i did. it will save time. it will save money. and it will certianly save you a headache when you get into the 7th hour of stuffing small envelopes full of oversized, funny-colored prints. and when you do end up in a situation like mine, it never hurts to make that call and talk to customer service. being polite and cordial can get you far on the phone. case in point, i had to buy new envelopes, but i explained my confusion to the operator and he helped me pick the exact size i need. in the end, my shipping and processing fees (about 1/3 of the price) were waived and my new envelopes are being rush-delivered (which normally costs an additional $12) by the end of the week at no cost to me. don't be afraid to admit you made a mistake. it'll benefit you in the end.


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