Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, he did.

it's a new day in America.

today i'm proud to be a citizen of this nation. centuries ago, we massacred the native inhabitants of this country and slavery was commonplace. just a few decades ago, racism was rampant. one of the great modern peace leaders was struck down. then came the cold war era and just eight years ago, we began the great decent that was the bush administration. little by little, the tide began to change. ideas evolved and today, on this historic day, we can finally leave the ghosts of the past behind us. america has elected the first black president in an unprecidented landslide victory. it's a different time and attitude in the same old place. today, we can look forward to a future where the lower class and minorities in this country can TRULY believe that they, too, can grow up to become president. ideologies of the past are irrelevant. america and the rest of the world have spoken and we've laid the groundwork for a fundamental change that will pave the way to the future.

this is a bbc article that really sums up what today means to the rest of the world:

this is a blog written by one of my favourite people that sums up EXACTLY how i feel:

i urge you to read and celebrate what's happened here. and also, i must say, Sen. John McCain took the defeat like a man and stepped down with class and dignity. his concession speech was delivered remarkably well. despite the negative campaigning, he took the high road in the end and earned the respect of myself and, undoubtedly, many others.

it's been an exciting election season and in a way i'm glad it's finally over. part of fme will miss the lunacy of some of it because it made for some great entertainment. but i look forward to the future and i'm happy to know that today america has spoken and i think this will open countless doors and change the way we think all across the nation AND the world.

congratulations, President Obama.


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