Monday, April 20, 2009

Armed and dangerous...

I am no longer a photo-less photo-illustrator. I made the big leap and dished out the funding for some new gear and good lord, I'm happy about it. First and foremost, I must thank Stacey who sold me an incredible camera at a very fair price. I can't thank you enough for your honesty and for helping a fellow artist out of a rough situation. It's greatly appreciated. The camera has found a great new home.

That being said, I'm naming the new camera Stacey, out of gratitude.

Now on to business... I have had plenty of time to think about future projects in the past 3 months while my poor old camera lay dying. I'm still debating getting the old fella repaired to be used as a backup body. I'm going to have to check out service prices, though. I just made one invenstment and I have a few others ahead of me so it's one step at a time. But in the meanwhile, mailers are being finalized and I'm going to be making some calls in the very near future to sit down with some art directors. Let's hope for positive news :)

Also, I'm currently looking at getting involved in craft shows and doing another gallery show in the near future. More news on that as it develops. But after having so much fun at the last show, I can't say no to doing it again. This one will be better-promoted and (hopefully) in a larger venue. The goal will be to pack the house. I wanna party.

Well, I'm off to go hunt down a movie. Then it's back to the city to get down to work. I'll be visiting pierre's costume shop in the morning. Promises to be fun!...


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neurotoxicdoll said...

What's with all the fur on your face?! For a minute there I thought I was on the wrong blog.