Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7 days of rain and counting....

Well, i'm officially tired of this dreary weather. it's taking a toll on my good mood. but despite the gloom, i'm happy to say that my new project over at www.fluidoptics.com seems to be doing quite well. Thank You to all who are checking it out and sharing your thoughts. if you haven't checked it out, please do.

in other news, today i built myself a light box for some upcoming work. this is what a lightbox looks like:

you take a big sheet of foam board, cut it into equal squares, tape the edges up and then add some lighting. and before you know it, you're shooting small objects with crystal clarity on a little seamless backdrop. interesting, no? it's gonna be awfully useful. i'm experimenting with some new techniques i'm kinda developing. time will ultimately tell if it's a successful experiment, but it's certianly something to do and so far, the results are kinda cool.

i'm writing addresses on labels for my mailers right now and getting prepared to send out booklets and make the appropriate calls to some local art directors. keep those fingers crossed... you may see my work in print in the near future.

the stock photo idea has come up yet again and this time i'm giving it some more serious consideration. the photo-a-day project has got me shooting alot more and i think it'd be worthwhile to see what, if anything, i can do to make it profitable. if anyone knows a stock service that pays fairly and sees a good return, let me know. i'm shopping around.

well, that's all for now. still waiting on news of my godson's grand entrance into this world. could be any moment now. i'm excited. in the meantime, more work... more ideas... more to come. stay tuned!


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