Monday, February 23, 2009

We know who we are, so we don't need names...

Firstly, let me direct your attention to my FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages. please click and add me. thank you. now for the news...

...i shall have this. i shall create with this. it will be my new tool, my new eye, my long-awaited replacement and upgrade. in other words, i'm ordering this thing in like 2 days. it's gonna be such a relief to be holding a camera again. i've been without my own camera for almost 2 months now, which breaks my heart. i did so much work with borrowed equipment but it's totally different to be working with gear you know and love and are entirely familiar with. speaking of which, thank you SOOO much to everyone who helped me out by lending anything and everything to get me through the slump. i know some awesome folks.

in other news, the lovely miss sara and i saw coraline on saturday. it was so good, we're gonna go again with some free tickets i won and we're gonna enjoy it all over. this time, in magical 3D as well!

it should be noted, this is NOT a children's movie. as cute and charming as it looks on the surface, there are scenes in this movie that will haunt you. that being said, it IS cute and charming, but with a bleak and spooky interior. i highly recommend going to see it while there's still a chance to catch it in 3D. the movie looks absolutely breathtaking on the big screen and is WELL worth your hard-earned recession dollars.

finally, i found out today that i sold another piece in my show! HOORAY! kinda came out of the blue too... but i'm always happy to give my work a permanent home and i'm truly humbled when someone wants to invest in my creations. like any artist, my work means alot to me and to know others appreciate it really makes me feel all warm and mushy inside. seriously. everyone who's got some of my work hanging on their wall or saved as their desktop or whatever, thank you. thank you thank you. you're all awesome.

more work on the way. trying to plan new shows for the spring.
also, making up new promo materials. stay tuned! there's so much more to come!

be well~


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Anonymous said...

I deleted my Twitter a while ago, but of course I do have you on Facebook.

I wanna see Coralineeee! I'm pissed that I have to wait a lot longer for everything on this side of the world!