Monday, April 6, 2009

Concentric lines.

I made this today. What did you make?

I have been experiencing a case of ups and downs lately that has left my head a bit dizzy. Most everything is going well, as usual, but every so often you find yourself quite disappointed with the trivial misdeeds of other people. Why some people choose to do certain things will never make sense to me. Thankfully, in the long run, none of the negative stuff matters and I'm left with the good. I had a great talk with a good friend of mine today and he gave me some perspective on things that I really needed. Don't sweat the small stuff. Karma will work its ways.

Speaking of good, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming weekend with Sara. Every year we have a great easter. We still paint eggs the night before and her folks still have fun with us and hide them around the lawn in the morning. It's childish, but we're still big kids on the inside. That's part of being a happy adult, I think. Never losing your ability to have fun and actually play. I'm not going to pretend to be holier-than-thou or anything.. I enjoy being an adult. I look forward to beer night every week. I like knowing my car insurance is lower. Whatever. There's something to be said for just getting out and having fun for the hell of it. No rhyme or reason.


So I haven't bought my camera yet. Which sucks. I'm making due with a point-and-shoot at the moment. Why haven't I bought the camera yet, you ask? Because Canon just announced their new Rebel T1i is coming out in early may. Which also means, buying a rebel now would be foolish 'cuz the price is going to drop significanly in a short while. So I have to hold out a little longer. It's torture. It really is. But I'm saving money, which is a good thing.

I'm also looking into new computers. This one has served me well for the past several years, but it's getting to a point where i need to retire the old champ and use it as a backup machine. I'm shopping for new systems. I think the smart way to go in my case would be an affordable desktop unit with (perhaps) a little netbook for on-the-road work (the netbook being a later investment). Desktops these days are really cheap. See: or Good deals to be had there.

Well, it's about time to work on my new mailers. I'm making mini-portfolios :) Got myself a bunch of nice paper and ink for the printer and I'm ready to rock. More on that later...

The cat is watching you.


Shenpen said...

I am confused about holier than thou when you mention having fun and being a kid. Most holier than thou is about fear. I suppose it can be ego fueled if you say people should have more fun and you do because you do Easter egg hunts. But if people were holier than thou about something I'd be happy if being childlike more often were considered holy. My word verification is Alize. That kind of goes with my comment here as well. Strange. Abstractly. Signs. Everywhere! The call of nature shouts for me to release a monkey sub and then whispers teachings and direction! The repulsive stench of hellions guides my legs whisking me upon clouds, aroused I follow the delightful perfumery of gods naked angels begging for the ecstasy of human copulation! immeasurable satanic one, release me! AT ONCE! OR Thou shall be fed the delights of the grave as Noahs arc launches into space for a twelve year period.

neurotoxicdoll said...

Awww, look at you 2's silly faces! I haven't made anything today, but I finished a book. That counts, right? =D